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In recent years, we have seen a lot of temporary activities in Kalasatama, like Container Square, urban culture, graffiti, skating, Sompasauna and various events. We want to preserve the spirit of this Kalasatama, which has brought the much needed freedom to the city center. We want to create space for self-reliance, collaboration, art, culture, and people. Try, what we can achieve together.

And thus Kalasataman Vapaakaupunki, Free City of Kalasatama, was born.

After huge popularity in last summer Kalasataman Vapaakaupunki held in Suvilahti, we decided to continue Vapaakaupunki in a new form in REDI, where in October 2018 we opened Kalasataman Vapaakaupungin Olohuone (eng. The Free City of Kalasatama – Living Room). Kalasataman Vapaakaupunki is for us all. There anyone can arrange an event free of charge, as long as it is open for everyone and fits with the values ​​and spirit of Vapaakaupunki. It’s a space where anyone can come, where you can chill out, work, play, take part in events and workshops or make your own event. The space is almost 600 square meters, so many different actions can happen at the same time.

In the first phase of Kalasataman Vapaakaupunki Suvilahti became a new urban oasis for two months (May 18 – July 15, 2018). Respecting the heritage of the area it was built using containers, which adapted to the scene of various events. In addition to the containers, there were also barbecue facilities and a park with urban gardening.

What is Olohuone?

We opened Olohuone  on 19th of October, on the second floor of shopping center Redi in Kalasatama. The space is almost 600 square meters of size and 5 meters of height. It’s decorated like a living room, and sectioned into different spaces; hang out space, children’s area, working space and workshop space. There is also a space reserved for art exhibitions. The spaces are suitable for many different activities, for example workshops, hobby crafts, board gaming, hoffice-events, yoga etc, and on Saturday evenings also DJ- and live music gigs.

You can bring your own food and drinks in Olohuone, as long as you clean after yourself. Olohuone is for us all and we all create it and take care of it. Anyone can use Olohuone, from children to elderly, and we don’t allow any kind of discrimination. Olohuone will be open from Monday to Friday 10-19, on Saturdays 10-22.30 and on Sundays 12-17 and could be open even longer during the events.

Organizing events in Olohuone

Olohuone works with the same principles as Vapaakaupunki did in the summer, so anyone can organize their event free of charge, as long as everything is open for anyone and free (you can ask fees from the materials). Events can be organized from Monday to Friday 10-21, on Saturday 10-22.30 and on Sunday 12-17. Music gigs and other more noisy events can be held on Saturday evening between 19-22.30.

We also help with the arrangements and offer for example furniture, electricity, audio technology and also a sound technician for the event organizers free of charge. We ask you to take care of the stuff and return everything back to its place. The event organizer will be responsible of damaged or lost gadgets.

Many people might want to organize events during one day, so let’s be aware of everyone’s needs and timetables. Let’s take care together of Olohuone and all the people coming there!

What will happen there is still a little surprise to us too, because we want to leave room for improvisation. If you have any suggestions about what should definitely happen in Vapaakaupunki, let us know! The form to sign up events is open!


Who is behind the project?

Most of all, Olohuone is a project for us all. Behind this all is Helsinki Urban Art ry, which is a registered association widely specialized in urban art. We bring up new ways to use urban space, create communal city culture and look for solutions to social problems using art and activism as tools. 

Kalasataman Vapaakaupunki / Helsinki Urban Art ry. In cooperation with Redi.



Jaakko Blomberg
Founder, producer
044 5478354

Arina Hiltunen
040 8235732

Ville Saaristo
Sound technician