Taidenäyttelyn avajaiset: Bilal Khaleel Mumtaz, Enrico Mazzone


16.10.2019 18:00 - 16.10.2019 20:00


Avajaiset: 16.10.2019 klo 18-20
Opening ceremony: 16.10.2019 klo 18-20


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I have started that journey 3 years ago, having emphasized
how almighty that funny adventure would develop during its
own process.
The chronology nowadays remains simple: staying by the facts
I have received a call for Artist from Rauma, when exactly
by the time, in 2015,I was sticking around in Reykijavik .
After 10 months, working for a Roadhouse Restaurant as sous
chef, it didn` t took me so much to apply my subscription and
devoutly to the Art`s sake, make a move to Finland.
Not much time to create a big plan, but stepping quickly back to
Torino ( my hometown ), I have landed to Helsinki in October 2015, therefore Rauma .
The city lights completely has changed my scenario, once again, as I had been wait one night to the city for the bus to come, and as I`ve been entered Rauma, I really was replaced to another dimension or state of mind.

Here I am , nowadays, coherently trying to fishing with my nets the surface of my memories which so far gave me the imprint to become a grown up human in a very little range of time.
Clearly, 4 years it isn`t a long time but the events I have been fell into, quite radically have started to blown up all sort of old structures or paradigma I used to wear, conventionally or perhaps, just by taking for grant how obsolete my mind grown by.

By that prelude, I am not in need to make a time lapse ,that would make the real work quite annoying , but in despise of the whole overview, everything I have lived in here is detected and depicted to the drawing.
Currently I have achieved 49 metres, and thanks to my stamina, (that `sisu` I have learned to chew by candies) I will be confident to commit and finish 50 more metres at the very end of 2020, by November.
What I should feel it is a momentum in which there is no need to talk anymore
about Kalevala or Divina Commedia.. as my personal mindset tries to look a more
tangible meaning, why , i am asking to myself, not to let it pursue to the society?
There is a fiery and lively catarsi that excludes what has been said and wrote ages ago, and a name at the moment it might deviate what a personal meaning ( as personal as collective ) needs to come trough.
I have so started being inspired by an epos, and the distance from my home land made
that possible for a range of 70%, leaving to the imagination the rest of the modus operanda.
But as a process I have been taught unconsciously, there is now the final strike which I might call or define meta/realism.

The core of it turns more fresh, as the total summa of the whole metaphysical apparatus I handle so far , by 25 years of identity in iconography and unconscious layers, which melted together compare a solid pattern as same as a bee`s wax honey nest.
Thanks to Kalasataman Vapaakaupunki I can be free to express the need of manufacture on an exhibition the crescendo I am living constantly every days a little bit more, with the
true hope to feel support by emotional range for the serious sacrifice I am holding alone.
I am here to share and reveal something that needs to be give back to the collectivity, as an open source which I give back with grace, as every single suggestion has been taken place by carrying away from the same society unconsciousness.
Even if that format is not as usual as a informal letter, report, pamphlet or article, I summit all my authenticity to everyone`s point of view, well known as weltanschauung,

EXHIBITION TIME: 16.10.2019 – 10.11.2019