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18.12.2018 10:00 - 18.12.2018 16:00

Yhdessä työskentelyä

Tervetuloa Kalasataman Vapaakaupungin Olohuoneen jokatiistaiseen Hofficeen! Redin toisessa kerroksessa sijaitseva Olohuone on kaikille avoin paikka, jonne voi tulla oleskelemaan, työskentelemään, katsomaan taidenäyttelyitä, osallistumaan tapahtumiin – ja tiistaisin myös Hofficeen!

Pöytätilaa löytyy reilusti, kahvia ja teetä tarjolla osallistujille (kolehtia saa jättää) ja lounasta voi hakea joko Redin ravintoloista tai kaupoista.

Huom! Olohuoneen tiistait on nyt pyhitetty työskentelyyn ja muuhun hiljaiseen oleskeluun. Lasten alue pidetään suljettuna tiistaisin.

The Hoffice network aims to create free and temporary workplaces, get more work done and meet other people while working with your own projects.

Are you a social entrepreneur? Self-employed? Unemployed? A student? Having lots of projects going on? Have no workplace? Want another one? Welcome!

It is amazing to have the flexibility to work on what we like and where we like, but sometimes a social structure and inspiring colleagues can be missing.

Some days we just have to get some things done, but for a reason or another, it is easy to postpone some tasks. And some days, it just feels a bit lonely working on your own, and it would be great to have other creative minds around.

Structured and together we become more efficient, we have more fun, and we get free workplaces – no strings attached! Another big plus is the network created, people with all kinds of skills and interests to share ideas and thoughts with if you like to.


The day can start by telling each other what are you planning to do today. Each break can finish by setting new goals for the next 45 minutes. Of course it is voluntary to participate in any parts of the Hoffice day including the breaks, so if you don’t want to have a break, just keep working!