Walking on sea fields + Inke – Keikkailta Olohuoneella


2.4.2022 19:00 - 2.4.2022 22:00

Walking on Seafields


concert for words and voice, trumpet, electronic environments and processors.
Inspired by “The Waves” by Virginia Woolf in original idiom, Finnish and Swedish

Supported by MES – Free entry

Trumpet, electronic environments and processors – MARIO MASSA
Concept, voice and processors – MIXA FORTUNA

It is important in this historical moment to pass on to the people the perception of a lively and vibratory theatre merged with music, as it was originally. A ritual, that merges verbal and non verbal codes in a contemporary research, in order to find a way of human enlightening, a way in which every human being could recognize paths to explore the inner creative possibilities, vibrate with words music and voice and listen to their resonances and their effects on body and mind.

A musical theatre which does not accept to be a simple act of mimesis or abstraction, which does not accept to be only a formal/aesthetic elaboration. Ours is a way of expression that involves the human being starting from the heart, from the rhythm of the breath, offering to the people the possibility of being conscious of own perceptions without having to identify in any individual, any icon, any model, instead becoming a demiurgic eye that builds the story and own inner model within the music. It means, for every person in the audience, being free to attribute lights and shadows, shapes and volumes, through soliloquies inhabited by ambient and electronic atmospheres created by a music that is not a subsidiary path, it is a mirror of the infinite variations of conciousness and of the infinite perfection of every being perfectly gifted. It is a ritual offered to the beauty of creative individual human nature.

In this way, Virginia Woolf’s “The Waves”, one of the most ingenious books in the history of the world literature, suits perfectly our intentions, she defined it “an abstract, mystic, eyeless book”. And says “I write in rhythm not in plot”.

This work is a beautiful mixture between two codes, music and verbal communication, through two ways very connected: voice and trumpet originate from the breath. I think breath is like our inner sea, and inhale and exhale our personal wave motion. From this rhythmic experience starts the consciousness. Before the words.
Mixa Fortuna

Voice and processors: Mixa Fortuna
Trumpet, processors and electronic environments: Mario Massa

The dramaturgical translation develops like a classical musical score in the hands of a contemporary musical and theatrical ensemble, far from the obligation of linearity in order to access the depths of the composition.
It is not a reading at all.
It is important to play in original language but also to empower the comprehension of Finnish people, so we use both Finnish and Swedish translation of the selected pieces. This dialogue between idioms amplifies the circular movement of the work.

The sacredness of the human being is shown through the sound of the voice and the sacredness of the sound, therefore music, concerns life in its universal reality.
My composition work it’s about the dialogue with the voice/words and it is a process of research of the consonance: develop a sound and a music in harmony with timings and textual choices. It is a reciprocal construction.

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Inke on helsinkiläinen nuori nainen, joka viettää välivuotta ja kokeilee siipiään laulajana. Hänen debyyttisinglensä Yksinäisen suden hetki julkaistaan keväällä 2022. Keikalla kuullaan cover-biisejä 90-luvulta saakka sekä tuoreita hittejä. Inken voimakkaita tulkintoja säestää kitarallaan Jami.



Inke – 19:00

Walking on Seafields – 20:30