Forró Social Dances Evening


19.1.2019 18:00 - 19.1.2019 22:30

Brasilialaista forró-paritanssin opetusta ja avoimet tanssit

Tule mukaan tutustumaan, tanssimaan ja nauttimaan brasilialaisesta paritanssista. Aiempaa kokemusta tai paria et tarvitse osallistuaksesi! Klo 18 opetellaan yhdessä forrón perusteita ja klo 19 alkaen tanssitaan vapaasti forrón rytmeihin.

Tapahtuman järjestää Forró Abraço Nordestino ry. Voit kysyä lisätietoja:

Free forró social dance open to everybody! The event is beginner friendly and a great opportunity to get to know Brazilian couples dance forró.

At 6 pm some forró basics will be taught and the rest of the night free dancing. One does not need a

The event is organized by Forró Abraço Nordestino ry which is a non-profit organization based in Helsinki promoting the Brazilian forró dance community in Finland. For any info, contact us:

Forró Abraço Nordestino is a community for all who love forró and wish to expand the forró family in Helsinki by bringing people together, creating more spaces for embodied connection, meaningful interaction and acceptance towards others within the joy of learning and sharing through dance. For us forró means continuous inspiration and love for life, embracing diversity and culture. Whether you are a beginner or already well acquainted with forró we are looking forward dancing with you!