Askel eteenpäin, open rehearsal


16.3.2019 15:30 - 16.3.2019 16:30

Site-specific research by the group of artists and youngsters

Askel eteenpäin is a site-specific research in the urban environment made by the international group of professional artists and young people of different backgrounds. During the rehearsal we aim to research how we can be included into the urban environment and how we can make ourselves to belong to each place we happened to be in. During this research we’ll interact with the space and objects in the space. No social interaction / disturbance or noise will be made. This research is a part of Map of The Unknown Land_askel eteenpäin – project which will be presented 28.4. in the Kalasatama area. The working group consists of 7 people above 18 years old.