Animal Alphabet Piano Lesson – C is for Cat


20.5.2023 10:30 - 20.5.2023 13:30

Interactive musical event for ages 4-6

Workshop language will be English

Join us for a fun and interactive piano lesson for 4-6 year old beginners where we will learn about the musical alphabet, explore rhythm and pulse, and discover the piano keyboard.

We’ll learn to play ‘C is for Cat’ with our right hand and have a blast with various activities to engage and inspire our little pianists!

The programme will include the following:
✅ Rhythm & Pulse
✅ Technique & Fingering
✅ Listening and imitating
✅ Musical alphabet
✅ Finding a C on the keyboard
✅ Rhythm exercise
✅ Learn to play and sing the ‘C is for Cat’ song

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity for your child to embark on a musical journey filled with fun and learning! The event takes place in the cozy and welcoming Olohoune in Redi, conveniently located a very short walk from the Kalasatama metro station.

Spots are limited, so secure your child’s place in our Animal Alphabet Lesson 1 – C is for Cat today by clicking the free booking link below. We can’t wait to see your little ones transform into budding pianists!

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